Disneyland Paris!


Here’s me, looking all spotty, standing infront of the Disney castle (sorry about camera quality…these photos are from my iphone, my normal camera is a Fujifilm s9280). I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was 8 so I was so go damn excited to go back.

Excuse the oily face (again), but Stitch is my favourite Disney character and there was a massive one in the shop (€60 -cry-). Sorry in advance for the amount of pictures in this post…
We stayed at night to watch the Disney Dreams fireworks. Everyone thought they started at 10:00, although they didn’t start till 11:00. So we stood, among thousands in the pouring rain, waiting for the show to start but we gave up and walked away. The next night we returned and watched the full show…it was amazing! I felt like such a 6 year old, it couldn’t be faulted (bit disappointed it didn’t have a little mermaid bit:/).
I’ll update this post next week with more pictures from my camera or even upload a completely new post:)
Hannah x

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