Maison Dior

Hello everyone! So while I was in France for 2 weeks, I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Christian Dior’s childhood house. While I was staying in Granville, Maison Dior opened its doors during the annual festival to the public. For only 4 euros (equivalent of about £3.50), I had a wander around the inside of this beautiful house. Each room had been transformed into a museum of mannequins each wearing clothes from the Dior collections over the years. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the house but I took plenty around the house and its gardens.

Here’s little old me standing in the rose garden infront of the pillar dedicated to Christian Dior (this isn’t his grave by the way! I thought so too! haha). He designed this part of the garden himself while he was staying in the house during the World War. The blouse I’m wearing is from primark (OOTD here), topshop skirt and primark bag. The mysterious white bag is what I purchased from the museum (holiday haul coming soon).
The entrance to the house was beautiful! The massive board outside featuring Natalie Portman made me so excited! I bought a poster from the gift shop with the same design on as this board, it is proudly hanging beside my bed. The photo below is the view from behind the house, which is also so so so stunning!! As soon as you exit the museum you are encapsulated by the scenery overlooking the sea at Granville. The sea was so blue/green and so much better than the english sea! Even though there was a graveyard underneath the garden, I think it added a Grecian feel to the scenery and it’s not spooky at all! I would love to live here so much! It’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited. Lucky Dior!
Hannah x

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