Halloween – Pleasurewood Chills

The first themed post for the British Blogger Selection is ‘Halloween’. This year on Halloween I was lucky enough to be invited to Pleasurewood Hills on their Chills Celebration day. The day showcased 3 main horror mazes, none of which I actually went on because I’m a scaredy cat. Although, I did go on the kiddy ride in which many hilarious videos were taken displaying my fear. You can see below what I was wearing during the day…

My jumper and denim shirt are both from H&M. The jumper is £14.99, and the shirt was in the sale for £7 but I believe it would be around £10 on retail. The jumper is actually in a size medium yet it is still short in the arms, I presume that it is meant to be this style as the fit of the jumper is perfect otherwise. I am wearing Sinful Colours Black on Black on my nails layered with an H&M matte top coat (how Halloween fitting of me). I just noticed that you can see the Grim Reaper wandering around in the back of my photo, 10 points if you can spot him (it’s like where’s wally!!).

Oh how much I love sky lifts. This is what I did on Halloween, what did you do? Don’t forget to sign up to the British Blogger Selection, see details in my previous post.

Hannah x


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