Boats, Tombs & Beaches ~ Turkey

Previously this year, I ventured to Marmaris, which is in the Aegean reigion of Turkey, with my family on what was sure to be another action-packed holiday. We stayed in The Grand Yazici Club Turban (which I would reccommend endlessly, the staff are incredibly friendly and enthusiastic- particularly Emir who I still have contact with- and hotel itself is stunning) for a week and thankfully this time, I didn’t get food poisioning! The pictures below show our day out on a boat trip down the Dalyan River- home to Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtles).


The views from the boat were beautiful as we drifted up and down the river. We stopped at some mud baths which were nestled between mountains and forests (see below) and soaked up the peaceful atmosphere-all we could hear was the ripples of the water in the river and a faint echo of birds, ah serenity.


Here you can see myself (with no makeup AGH) and my family aboard the boat with the mud baths behind us.


After a cruise down the river, we anchored to a small independent restaurant where we ate lunch surrounded by at least 5 cats- they came and sat on our laps while we were eating (mum hated it) and were as friendly as your standard pet cat! There was also a bird nesting in the beams of the roof so you could hear them chirping whilst we ate our ‘spaghetti bolognese’ (it was a sad excuse for wasn’t very nice).


The highlight of this boat trip was the Lycian Tombs. As an avid traveller, I have a small leather book with places I want to visit in there- the Lycian Tombs were one of the places and the first to be ticked off in my book. I remember cruising around the corner and looking up to see the tombs imbedded into the side of the rock. Close by to these tombs are the ruins of Myra which I sadly didn’t visit but as an Ancient History student I would’ve loved it! The people of the Lycian culture would place the tombs at the top of the hills or cliffs as they believed that a mythical winged creature would transport the dead to another world.


The last stop on the boat trip was to Itzuzu Beach- the breeding ground of Loggerhead Turtles. The strip of sand signals the divide between the fresh water of the delta (Dalyan River) and the Mediterranean sea. As this is a site where Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta Caretta in Turkish) lay their eggs, the site has recognisably been protected since 1988 to ensure that the species keep reproducing.


And to finish the post, here’s a generic ‘feet on the beach’ picture! After spending a week in Marmaris I know that I definitely want to go back. I also would love to go to Cappadocia, Bodrum and Istanbul- but you know, I’ve got plenty of time to make sure it happens


Join me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moritz says:

    Looks like a hell lot of fun. Turkey has so much to offer! 🙂

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      It’s amazing! Would definitely reccommend it to anyone!

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