I got into University!

Phew! What a stressful few months I’ve been having! UCAS is one of the most difficult processes I’ve ever had to go through and I’m still in the midst of it- but I’m through the hard bit. Here’s my story. I applied to do BSc Psychology at Sheffield Hallam, De Montfort, Lincoln and Anglia Ruskin. Of these four, I UNBELIEVABLY received unconditional offers from Sheffield, Lincoln and Anglia Ruskin which is such a massive achievement which I can’t believe!! After going to open days at these universities, I fell in love with Sheffield Hallam and the city itself- I quickly accepted my unconditional to Sheffield Hallam and I’ve now got a guaranteed place at University!

Sheffield Hallam Collegiate Campus


Collegiate Campus where I’ll be studying!

As the Sheffield Hallam accommodation website is experiencing technical difficulties, I won’t be able to apply for my apartment until January. But hopefully I will be moving into the West End area of Sheffield where my dream flat lies. After visiting Sheffield twice in the space of a fortnight, I can safely say I’ve fallen in love with the city and I can hopefully manage myself there for 3 years (2 if I end up taking a year in Canada!). Moving 150 miles away from Norwich to Sheffield on my own will be difficult, but here goes!

Peace Gardens

Now i have an unconditional, I don’t have any academic requirements to fulfil upon A Level results day- massive weight off my shoulders! Still can’t believe it.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Rabia says:

    Congrats! Do you do A Level Psychology? If so, what did you get in AS?

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      Thankyou! Yeah I do! I always got A’s all through the year but my exam went so badly and I got a D but im retaking the exams this year:)

      1. Rabia says:

        Omg haha same! I ended up with a B which was super annoying! At least you can resit and you have an unconditional offer!

      2. hannahtoughx says:

        A B is so good well done!

      3. Rabia says:

        Thank you!

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