Booking Fuerteventura!

The ‘last family holiday’ is soon approaching with me leaving for University and my brother heading to College. Going to Turkey and Paris last year were supposedly the final family holidays but here we are again booking Fuerteventura.


I’ve been to mainland Spain before but this will be my first time visiting the Canary Islands and I am beyond excited since the weather will be perfect for laying back and doing nothing for a fortnight- especially after my month of exams! We’re staying at the SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort which has its own private beach (heavenly) and GORGEOUS view.


We’ve, I say ‘we’…I mean ‘I’ve’, been looking at things to do whilst we’re away since I get bored of sunbathing so easily when I know there’s so much that we could be doing and I don’t want to waste any time! I’ve seen that there is a submarine trip called a ‘Subcat‘ that takes you beneath the sea with the fish, rays and potentially sharks (and if you know me, you know my obsession with sharks)! So I’m DEFINITELY going to go on the persuasion route with mum and dad with that one. Also I’ve seen places that offer PADI training and scuba diving which I really want to do!

All in all, it should be incredible. If anyone’s been to Fuerteventura then make sure to leave me a comment and I’d be very appreciative of any suggestions you may have!


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