Fernsehturm, Friedrichshain & Museumsinsel ~ Berlin Day 3

My third day in Berlin saw us launching 368m up the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) which is the tallest building in Germany and enjoying its 360 degrees views over the capital. This attraction was €13 each as we got the ‘early bird’ tickets which means we had to enter the tower at 9am, but it’s a great way to start off the day!

We then decided on walking down to the Eastside gallery instead of taking the U-Bahn which made for a very interesting walk as we kept getting lost, the actual walk should’ve taken like half an hour but we were at least an hour- people kept asking us for directions and we had no bloody clue. The gallery is a 1.3km stretch of the Berlin wall located in Friedrichshain that has been painted on by over 108 artists from around the world declaring freedom. Arguably the most famous painting on the wall is Dmitri Vrubel‘s rendition of Honecker & Brezhnev kissing– it was amazing to see this in person.

After walking the gallery, we wandered over the Oberbaum bridge into Friedrichshain where we stumbled upon the infamous Burgermeister. This tiny burger cafe is underneath a bridge just by the Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn stop and is EXTREMELY cheap and EXTREMELY yummy. Myself and Jack had a bar-b-q burger each (it doesn’t state prices online but I think they were €4 each) and shared cheese-fries (€3 I seem to remember) beneath the bridge as we sat on the cushioned bar stools. We sat with this friendly man from the Netherlands who told us he’d been living in Berlin for a year and pointed us to the lesser-known shops and cheaper places to go; the people here are very open and almost anyone will point you in the right direction.

As an Ancient History student, visiting the Altes Museum on Museumsinsel was a must. Entry set us back €10 each (you can purchase a ticket for €18 for all of the museums on the island) but it was a hilariously spent hour as I was studying the statues and Jack was running around pissing about (you can see him beneath the woman’s elbow in the picture below). The pediment from the Temple of Aphaia was on a travelling exhibition while I was there so I was lucky enough to see my favourite structure from my course in person (such a nerd).

For tea, we found ourselves settling in to ‘The Pub‘ which is a stones throw from Alexanderplatz and was down the road from our hostel. As you can kinda see from the photo, each table had its own keg in the middle where you could tap your own Berliner Pilsner, but neither me nor Jack did this as theres no way of really knowing how much it’s going to cost you! You had to order from these electronic screens on your table which was a new thing for me but it worked very efficiently! The Hangover burgers were deliiiiicious and I highly rated the coleslaw mmm, eating in a rustic, quirky, wooden barn conversion decorated in framed pictures of pugs was incredible and I’d recommend it to anyone!





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