Kurfurstendamm ~ Berlin Day 4

Today we took what felt like the longest U-Bahn journey ever to the Zoologischer Garten Berlin (that’s the Zoo for the English speakers among us) where we got off of the tube and got lost for a bit since we walked out of the wrong exit and managed to wander through a magnet shop for a bit (-_-). Entrance to the zoo was €14.50 and combination zoo and aquarium tickets can be bought for €20 but we didn’t do this. We wandered aimlessly for AGES around the zoo and even managed to see the lions roaring at each other as it echoed through the building. Nevertheless, we managed to sneak in a cheeky stop at the restaurant for the most expensive currywurst we’d had so far- €9 eugh. Whilst watching the Gorillas being fed, it began to downpour with rain (the first we’d had all week) and we ran into Bikini Berlin (after we walked into a car park by accident and looked like absolute tits).

There’s nothing I wanted more than to visit the Monkey Bar which was on the highest floor of the mall and overlooked the monkey enclosure in the zoo, but we couldn’t figure out how to get up there:(. The inside of Bikini Berlin looked like something straight from tumblr, there were dozens of wooden crate pop-up shops with green scaffolding beams holding up the ceilings- we didn’t spend long in there since most shops were independent brands and were quite expensive. Across the road from the mall is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, it was badly damaged in the 1943 bombings and it hasn’t been restored as a reminder of WWII, locals call it ‘the hollow tooth’.

It then chucked it down with rain again as we ventured onto Kurfurstendamm, the shopping district, and hid in THE FANCIEST MCDONALDS I’VE EVER SEEN. It was 3 floors and had its own Bakery inside and was decked out with chaise lounges and chandeliers…it was strange. After this, we had time to kill before our reservation at the Hard Rock Cafe so we went on a ‘Starbucks Crawl’ down the roads and spent way too much money on coffee, but hey, free wifi.

Now it was time for the Hard Rock Cafe…I’d been waiting all week for this…and it was…meh. I’m not sure if it was because it was still sunny outside, the music wasn’t loud enough (I was expecting blaring out Pearl Jam), or if it was this specific branch of the restaurant but it really wasn’t anything to write home about. The burger was around €14.50 and although it was nice, it wasn’t incredible for the price and we each bought a Berliner Pilsner (eventhough I don’t like beer) in a souvenir glass for ‘a little extra’ (as the menu said). This ‘little extra’ turned out to be €8 extra and this wasn’t stated on the menu, since coming home (it is August as I’m writing this) the logo has all rubbed off and it really wasn’t worth ANY extra money, so pleaase don’t fall for it if you go.





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