Sunny Lustgarten ~ Berlin Day 5

By our last day, we felt like we’d done everything that we wanted to do and we had a lay in then checked out of the hostel, stored our luggage then sat outside of Belushis (below our hostel) and ate until we could burst. Myself and Jack both had heavy hearts as the Liverpool vs Dortmund game was on the previous night (I’m a Liverpool supporter and Dortmund is a German team…bit of a frosty reception) and we’d both drunk too much…the surf’n’turf burger was definitely needed. Our flight departed at 10:00pm so we had a long afternoon of chilling, so we headed to the Lustgarten to lay around and listen to music. As it transpired, this was the hottest day whilst we were there and we just lazed about all afternoon (didn’t really make the most of the day but oh well, we were pooped).

It got to around 6:30 and we began to head back to the hostel, grab our luggage and navigate the U-Bahn back to the airport. We got on at Alexanderplatz and took the U6/U2 to Ostkreuz where we changed to the S9 and travelled overground to Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld; this took about an hour in total.

Turned out that our flight home only took an hour and a half, we were expected to be 2 hours and I’m not sure what made that time shorter..hmm. If you’re going to Berlin Schönefeld, please be aware that the departures lounge is TINY, most people were sitting on the floor but we managed to nab a seat. Also, please make sure that upon arrival to the airport, read the electronic screens outside to know which area of departures you must enter through- A, B or C (at least I think that’s what they were called)- security and check in was really quick and easy which left a sweet taste in our mouths from our beautiful week in the German capital, and I’d rush back to Germany since I loved it.


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