We won a free holiday to Corfu, Greece!


We did it! After a few weeks of mayhem buying WAY TOO MANY multi-packs of Walkers crisps and entering codes at midnight, myself and Scott won a free holiday to Corfu! Here’s how it works: Walkers (a UK crisps company) are giving away 20,000 holidays in partnership with last minute.com, there is a code on the reverse of all special packs which can be entered onto your account on the website- each code reveals a letter and you have to spell out the location of one of the destinations e.g. New York, Barcelona, Phuket and many more! After looking into the Spell & Go hashtag on Twitter, it became evident that getting C, K and D was rare…and we had a C sitting in our dashboard! All of the short-haul holidays have a C or D in their title, and the long-hauls have a K- meaning that we pretty much had it in the bag once we’d got the C!


We nervously put in our 5 codes per day waiting for the final F that we needed for Corfu, it just wasn’t happening! This kind man on Twitter offered to swap his F with us for one of our spare letters and I couldn’t say no (this all occurred whilst I was at work). Over the power of the internet, he sent me the swap code and we finally had the F in our hands! Seeing the ‘Congratulations! You’ve won a holiday to Corfu!’ made me physically scream and my Supervisor had to come and check if I was ok! We haven’t booked the holiday yet since we’re still unsure on dates but myself, Scott, Spencer and Tara will be off to Corfu in Summer; the prize includes round trip flights and a 7 night stay in a 4* hotel for 4.


If anyone is interested in the competition, it’s running until the end of July!

Good luck! x



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done looks like everyone in the country is looking for a C, K including me personally a D will give me a win but used all swops now and no sign looks like I’m lining the Walkers pockets the amount of bags being buying.

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      We just got really lucky! Good luck with your search!

      Hannah x

  2. rachel says:

    Well I’m a bit suspicious, was the nice man on the internet from walkers.

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      Nooo he was a student from the Uni I’m going to! It’s all worked out brilliantly!:)

  3. Lucky you!!!Can somebody find “Walkers” anywhere else than in in UK?

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      Sorry for the late reply! They are an English brand but ‘Lays’ in Europe are the same thing 🙂

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