Stressed Out

Eugh it’s that time of the year again, exams month. I feel like my eyes are burning out of my head and my brain is on fire. I’m scoffing Ben & Jerrys like the world’s going to end and drinking orange juice like it’s going out of fashion. I felt like I had to upload some form of post to shove in my lifestyle tab (hint hint click that tab above) since I have hardly anything on there! My first Psychology exam is in 5 days and I’m terrified then my other 5 exams follow quickly after and I don’t feel prepared for them at all:( The next 3 months are so exciting and I can’t wait to get there – Fuerteventura, V Festival, Rhodes then finally moving to Sheffield…and maybe getting my first tattoo AGH. I just want everything to be over and done with so I can be in Sheffield with all my lovely friends that I just made.

Hope everyone else who’s got exams feels better than I do!



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