Oasis Park ~ Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

Half an hours drive on the awfully surfaced and windy roads of Fuerte, we arrived at Oasis Park in the midst of sand dunes and rocky peaks. We’d been told that you could purchase bags of food for the Zebras, Camels and Giraffe’s for €1.50 each and feed the animals- so we took the opportunity with both hands and ventured round the park to get close encounters. We first visited the Parrot Show where Macaws flew over our heads and landed on a few lucky people to nibble off of their hats. The only place I can compare this to is Friguia Parc in Tunisia where I went 2 years ago, the location emphasises the naturalistic atmosphere of the park itself.

We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the Zebras, Camels, Giraffes and Elephants and fed them all! The rangers were at the Elephant enclosure as we walked past and they gave us carrots to feed them as they got sprayed with a jet-hose…this did mean that we all got soaked but the scorching weather soon sorted that out. We then got the free shuttle up the hill on the west of the park to see the Birds of Prey show, however, we didn’t know that this would ensue a steep trek through a cactus field…mum really enjoyed that bit. The view over the mountains and the sea was STUNNING and can’t be captured in photos. I emplore anyone who comes to Fuerteventura to visit Oasis Park and grab every opportunity it gives you with both hands!


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