Goleta Paradise ~ Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Myself and my dad took a trip aboard the Goleta Paradise off of the coast of Morro Jable on southern Fuerteventura to do a spot of snorkelling, dolphin spotting and a spot of lunch. The seas were gorgeous and were accompanied by a glass of champagne or two, then we got further out to sea…where it got VERY rocky and the waves kept splashing up onto the deck so we all ended up soaked. We arrived at the lagoon and the crystal clear waters were back, it was snorkelling time. Jumping off of the boat into the freezing cold water amongst the fish was definitely breath-taking, literally. The tiny fish all swarmed around us and tickled our feet, I struggled to get my mask on and keep myself afloat at the same time so I didn’t end up actually snorkelling much! Lunch was gorgeous aboard the boat, smoked salmon and steak cooked to perfection, couldn’t be happier with the view from the boat onto the shore as we ate infront of jealous onlookers!


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