Hotel Alt Deutz ~ Cologne, Germany

Using, I booked our one night stay at Hotel Alt Deutz with the promise of the ‘best deal and value for money’- we were lied to. The hotel had a rating of 7/10 and we weren’t expecting 5* treatment yet we arrived at the hotel being told that we were being moved to the ‘guesthouses’ around the corner. The entrance to the guesthouse was difficult to open with the key which left us annoyed even before we got inside! We ventured up steep stairs and found our room…a double bed and a sink- we’d specifically asked for 2 single beds. Although we knew we’d be getting a shared bathroom, we weren’t sure where this was…we found the toilet but we only found the shower minutes before leaving.

On the other hand, the wifi here was free and had a good connection and the bed was comfortable. The night cost us €68, most of which was spent out on a pub crawl so we didn’t spend much of the night in the room at all, and was a complete rip off for what we received. Although the location was good, I wouldn’t come rushing back to this hotel- 4/10.


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