48 hours in Cologne, Germany

Points worth a mention:

  1. The Sbahn from the airport is S13 towards Duren and is 4 stops to Koln HBF which is right beside the Cathedral (it’s unbelievable how tall it is in person).
  2. Barney Valley’s Irish Pub (Kleine Budengasse) is in Altermarkt and is minutes away from the Cathedral. It’s an amazing Irish Pub with a wide spirits selection (hard to find in Germany from what I’ve experienced) and the barmaid is lovely and even gave us her umbrella when it rained.
  3. Nudelhaus am Dom  (Am Hof 20) was where we spent lunch for both days we were in Cologne. We had both pizza and pasta which were around €10 each and were deliiicious; it’s also right beside the Cathedral so we sat outside with a gorgeous view.
  4. The Rheingarten is a gorgeous place to lounge around beside the river, me and Ashleigh fell asleep here on saturday after a hard night partying.
  5. Our hotel Alt Deutzer Eck was *ahem* bad….see my review here.
  6. The pub crawl we went on was INCREDIBLE and I couldn’t recommend it enough! We went to 5 clubs including Flora, Jameson’s Distillery and Crystal- Jameson’s (Friesenstrasse) and Crystal (Hohenzollernring) were by far the best stops on the crawl!!

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