Our free week in Rhodes, Greece

Myself and Scott were lucky enough to win a free trip to Rhodes, Greece through the Walkers Spell and Go competition this September; we took the week away just before we both left for University. Booked through lastminute.com, we stayed at the Blue Sea Beach Resort in Falikari on the east of the island. I cannot recommend this hotel enough, the all inclusive food was incredible and always had plenty of choice (and gorgeous gyros), the room was exceptional and had an amazing view and the staff were lovely and attentive. There was a boat-bus service available that stopped just outside our hotel on the beach which took you cheaply to Rhodos (the capital on the north of the island) and Lindos (an archeological site southeast of the island); I can’t remember exactly but i think it was €15 return to Rhodos and €25 return to Lindos.

One day, conveniently the hottest day, we walked into Faliraki from our hotel to see what was about. Anyone who’s heard of the town will know that it is buzzing at night but dead in the day, this is what we realised; the town isn’t any sort of attraction during the day. We stopped for cocktails at Colossus which were cheap and delicious (we stayed there for the wifi for ages) before venturing to the recommended Mike’s Pub where we had the much needed slice of English food and even more cocktails; side note, Mike is adorable and very accommodating, I’d recommend the pub for food (€5 huge portion of burgers and chips???) and the atmosphere.

The boat-bus to Rhodos took around an hour and was well worth the trip. The capital’s main attraction is its old town which is surrounded by fortifications built by the Hospitallers in the Ottoman Empire. During the empire, the Turks transformed the Greek churches into mosques, the Suleiman Mosque being the biggest one (can be seen in my pictures) and its spire acts as a focal point for the centre of the town. We wandered around the fortifications (and got lost) for a good 4 hours then ate pizza ontop of the Castello House restaurant with a gorgeous view of the Suleiman Mosque beside us which is also next to the Palace of the Grand Masters. 

We took our trip to Lindos on the final day of our time in Greece. The first thing to mention about Lindos is that everything is on a very steep hill…wear smart shoes please and don’t wear sandals like me, there are stairs up to the Acropolis but they are mostly on the edge of the cliff-face and don’t have bannisters! The town of Lindos itself is gorgeous and typically Grecian with its white buildings and greenery, the harbour is stunning and its beautifully teal. It isn’t mentioned before arrival, but there is a fee of around €10 entry to the Acropolis but I couldn’t come to Lindos and not see the archaeological site as a Greek Architecture student could I? The Propylaea is particularly impressive and well restored, the Castle of the Knights of St.John is also stunning, and the Acropolis itself of course.



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  1. Love your blog. Rhodes looks amazing!

    I have recently started writing a blog and returned from Berlin a few days ago. Would love for you to check it out!


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