Overnight in Newcastle Upon-Tyne

My first spontaneous trip of 2017 saw myself and my flatmate (Bex) getting a very tiring megabus to Newcastle Upon-Tyne for a night out on ‘the toon’. The girls from next door at our flat lived in Newcastle so they clued us in on the best places to go on a night out there- their top suggestion was friday night’s ‘dirty pop’ at the O2 Academy but this sadly wasn’t running. We booked ourselves into an Airbnb in Fenham (a 10 minute drive into city centre) which only set us each back £18 for the night and was cheaper than a hotel (see my review here!). Friday night saw us clambering into an uber (£5 to Fenham) clutching bottles of Bucks Fizz, downing them in the Airbnb (being careful not to blow the corks all over the house), and jumping into another uber to Collingwood Street to where all the clubs are.

We’d investigated an event on Facebook called ‘Skulkandi’ where it was £6 entry into 3 clubs; Madame Koo, Floritas and House of Smith…bargain! We were also told that we’d get student wristbands where drinks were 50% off meaning that cocktails were £3.50…or so we thought. The first Bubblegum Mojito (yum) in Madame Koo set us back £7.50 each instead of the discounted price, which we were lied too about, so we soberly sipped this at the back of the empty bar watching glammed up groups of girls and boisterous lads pile in. It was at this point we decided to move onto House of Smith in the hope of cheaper drinks and a better atmosphere. 3 double vodka and lemonades and a shot of sambuca down and we were feeling a whole lot better; even if I had been touched up by a middle aged man who looked like a spitting image of a shaven Hagrid (ew). The night saw us getting sober very early and effectively getting beaten up to music and leaving at 1:30am. We stumbled upon a greasy kebab shop called Yummies where we demolished cheesy chips and taking a garlic bread back to the Airbnb and falling asleep watching Kitchen Nightmares.

The following morning, we woke up (finally) and left the Airbnb to go to the intu Eldon Square shopping centre where we sat in Krispy Kreme for an hour taking advantage of their plug sockets and free wifi (thanks!). Bex took me in Forbidden Planet where we sat nerding at all the Game of Thrones bits and pieces, we then went to Starbucks where we all got evacuated because the fire alarm was randomly pressed? 4:00pm saw us getting back on the Megabus for a 4 hour journey back to Sheffield after a long long few days on the toon.




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