We’re really doing it! – Interrail

I cannot be happier to say this, I’m finally going Interrailing this year!! I’ve looked back over the years and I originally started planning an interrail trip in March 2015, little did I know that I would be taking this trip 2 years later! Myself and my flatmate Bex will be taking Eastern Europe in June for 2 weeks on the ‘5 days in 15’ pass travelling to 7 cities in 6 countries (which take a whole chunk out of my 21 before 21 challenge):

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
  2. Vienna, Austria (the place I’ve been wanting to visit most for ages!)
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Zagreb, Croatia
  5. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  6. Lake Bled, Slovenia
  7. Milan, Italy


Some would say that we’re not doing a strict ‘backpacking’ trip as we’re choosing to stay in Airbnbs instead of hostels as I found that often Airbnbs are only a few €s expensive (and sometimes cheaper!) than the hostels and you get more privacy; we are living out of backpacks though! I feel so lucky that I can do this trip whilst I’m a University student and grateful that I’m able to travel now while I have no commitments with work or ‘adult life’; its also going to be a big ‘well done’ as we are going a few weeks after our final exams for this year so it’ll be a big weight off of our shoulders :).

If anyone has been interrailing and has any tips or you have been to any of these cities and have recommendations, I’d be very grateful if you could leave them below!:)


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