Ahoj Praha

Our first Interrail venture led us to the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. My parents visited Prague during the winter season 7 years ago and I’ve been dying to go ever since; but with better weather! After a very long day travelling from Sheffield to Manchester, flying to Prague and navigating the public transport (bus, metro then a tram), we finally arrived at our gorgeous Airbnb where we were greeted by a friendly purring of two gorgeous cats.

Waking up in Prague was blissfully quiet and only the whistling sound of birds could be heard out of our top floor window. A full day of exploring laid ahead so we slapped on the sun cream, grabbed the cameras and headed back onto the metro; buying some baguettes on the way.

On our way down St Wenceslas Square, we made sure to grab a traditional Czech Trdelník; it is when dough is wrapped around a pole where it is then cooked over open fire then coated in a sugary, nutty dusting – really yummy! Our first stop was the Old Town Square (Staroměstská) to see the infamous Astronomical Clock which was, of course, covered in scaffolding (as every monument in Europe appeared to be). It had already passed the hour so we made our way to the Narodni Gallerie where we’d heard we could get free student entry into the Art of Asia exhibit – uni perks! We didn’t fully appreciate the exhibit at all but it was beautiful, inside and had air conditioning so we were happy. 1:00pm rolled around and it started to rain, typical, so we whacked out the rain macs and stood infront of the Astronomical Clock to witness its performance…which was incredibly underwhelming but it had to be seen.

We then headed to St Nicholas’ Church where there was a crowd forming at its entrance, we joined the huddle and realised that there was an orchestra rehearsal taking place! We sat in the pews beneath the gorgeous concaves of the church’s architectural ceiling admiring the beautiful music and paintings – it was magical. After melting in the sweltering heat beside the Rudolfinium, we decided it was time to head home before going out for evening cocktails!

We had tea in the American made famous sportsbar – Hooters – which was surprisingly cheap and really delicious. I also tried a local Prague-brewed cider called Kingswood which turned out to be the nicest cider I have ever tasted! Before we knew it, it was 10:00pm and we headed towards Double Trouble for cocktails where we got a little bit tipsy in the emptiest bar I’ve ever been to – it was a tuesday night…but we won’t mention that. Midnight passed and we realised that we’d missed the last tram home, so we took the location into our advantage and popped around the corner to see the Church of our lady Before Týn at night – simply gorgeous.

Our second full day in Prague led us to the other side of the river and the Castle district (Malá Strana). We took a free tour with Next City Tours around the castle complex and our guide, Alexis, enlightened us with some incredible knowledge, facts and history about the city of Prague itself and the architecture within it. Some of the places among our many stops were St Vitus’ Cathedral, St Charles’ Bridge, and St George’s Basilica where we were enriched with Czech trivia. The story of St John of Nepomuk stayed with me during our time in Prague. His tale of martyrdom, honesty and loyalty provided him with a sainthood and his lucky statues scatter the St Charles’ Bridge where he was killed. On our way back to the old side of the river, we checked out the John Lennon Wall which was unexpectedly tucked away behind lots of cafes and appeared to be in a car park? There was an old man playing some classic Beatles tracks on his guitar which was a gorgeous addition to the peaceful atmosphere the wall demanded.

After wandering around the Charles’ Bridge area and getting lost in all of the winding streets, my maps on my phone decided not to work, we ended up sitting down for our final meal at the Hotel U Zlateho Stromu Restaurant. I’d noticed that this restaurant had the exact same menu as two of the places we’d seen closer to the Old Town Square – goes to show that you can get the exact food cheaper the further away you get from the tourist traps, even though this place was right beside the bridge! The staff in this place  seemed quite inconvenienced by foreigners, but they gave us complimentary bread with cream cheese which was lovely! We both had a Prague ham pizza which was gorgeous and was the icing on the cake that ended our perfect time in the Czech capital.

If you have any questions about my general Interrail experience, feel free to check out my FAQ post here!

See my videos from Prague here:


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