Thinking of China

Laying with my cat, Nellie, and watching travel vlogs of China. That’s all I’ve been doing today. Once I get my head into something, I’m stuck – and I’m currently stuck on China. The magnificent Asian country has been on my mind for years now and as I enter my 20’s it is more prevalent than ever. I think my love of China spawned from when I was younger and I constantly played DK’s ‘Become A World Explorer‘ that I got free in a cereal box. The game gave you clues on where to find notes around the world by exploring landmarks and countries – China was always one of my favourites, marked by the Great Wall, Pagodas and of course, Pandas. Many aspects of Chinese culture have fascinated me, the gorgeous art (some of which I’ve seen in Prague’s National Gallery) and architecture, the eastern beliefs, and their traditions. Of course, I’m a huge fan of Chinese cuisine (give me all the crispy chilli beef any day of the week) but tasting it from a streetfood stand in downtown Beijing is something that I really have to do. Oh and did I mention, Pandas have been my favourite animal since I can remember.

I’ve been sat doing my normal organised planning (even though I’m going nowhere as of yet) looking at flights, trains and Airbnbs for the cities I’d be most interested in visiting: Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie and Shanghai. The Great Wall is obviously somewhere I dream of going, but I’ve always wanted to explore many other tourist attractions that the country has to offer: the Terracotta Warriors at the ancient capital of Xi’an, Chengdu Panda Research Base where you can pay extra to hold a Panda, the Tianzi Mountains at Zhangjiajie (which I can now spell without looking it up, look at me go) that inspired James Cameron’s movie Avatar. My favourite videos that I’ve been watching are the series of vlogs by Greenoid Adventure, a British lady named Sara who travels South East Asia with her son Ste. Their daily China vlogs give a refreshingly realistic look at what life’s like as a Westerner understanding Eastern cities (she nearly always tells the viewer the prices of everything which is incredibly helpful when you’re planning trips).

We’ll see if I get to China!


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