About Me


Guess I’d better introduce myself formally. I’m Hannah, 20 year old memory enthusiast, I grew up in Norwich, England but I now live in Sheffield studying BSc Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University! My blog was originally created on the 31st of May 2013 under many various embarrassing ‘beauty themed names’ *cough* ‘Haute Hannah’ *cough* (cringe) where I used to upload beauty reviews in attempt to get views. I soon realised how much I hated it and that my passions lay elsewhere – so I deleted everything and started again. I don’t have a regular posting schedule as yet, due to my Uni life not allowing me to have the freedom I desire, but I aim to post whenever I do something particularly worth remembering! All photos are currently taken on my iPhone 6s as I don’t have the funds for a better camera at the minute! I’d much rather spend the money on a plane ticket to go somewhere and take photos! I have a youtube channel where I post travel vlogs of my adventures, I am more active over there with my GoPro 🙂

loves: Crispy chilli beef, planning *anything*, day trips, Big Macs, Coffee, Steig Larsson, Brie (or any cheese for that matter), making stupid poses in photos (apparently).

hates: Being late, Frogs (IRRATIONAL CHILDHOOD FEAR, I KNOW), Mushrooms, having short nails, losing things, having under £100 (it’s a real fear…), group projects and people dampening my work space!
x Hannah x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. shonia says:

    Hey I saw you was doing the spell and go and wondered if you had a K and wanted to trade. I started at the beginning in April and still have not got one. I had multiple of the other letters i will be happy to trade with.

    Sorry for the bizarre question

    1. hannahtoughx says:

      Hi! Sorry I don’t have one and we’ve used up our swaps! Good luck though 🙂

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