Heights of Abraham, Matlock Bath ~ Derbyshire, England

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This weekend, my parents came up from Norwich to visit me in Sheffield and we took the day-trip to Matlock Bath in Derbyshire to visit the Heights of Abraham (which were closed when my parents last came to visit). The guided tours around the underground caverns were amazing!! Our guides turned off all of the lights at certain points so we could get an idea of how dark it was for the miners when they were only guided by candlelight – it’s very hard to see, let me tell you that. Even though I only live an hour away from Matlock, it’s hard to believe that I’ve never been here or expected to see views like this (especially as I come from Norwich which is basically the flattest place in England). Word of warning, you get a leg and back ache after visiting here because you have to duck down in the caves and walk up a lot of hills!


Overnight in Newcastle Upon-Tyne


My first spontaneous trip of 2017 saw myself and my flatmate (Bex) getting a very tiring megabus to Newcastle Upon-Tyne for a night out on ‘the toon’. The girls from next door at our flat lived in Newcastle so they clued us in on the best places to go on a night out there- their top suggestion was friday night’s ‘dirty pop’ at the O2 Academy but this sadly wasn’t running. We booked ourselves into an Airbnb in Fenham (a 10 minute drive into city centre) which only set us each back £18 for the night and was cheaper than a hotel (see my review here!). Friday night saw us clambering into an uber (£5 to Fenham) clutching bottles of Bucks Fizz, downing them in the Airbnb (being careful not to blow the corks all over the house), and jumping into another uber to Collingwood Street to where all the clubs are.

Norwich Eats ~ Chiquito


In the Riverside area of Norwich is Chiquito, the cheap and cheerful Mexican Cantina. After only visiting a few times, I can safely say that it’s one of my fave restaurants around.

Following an upgrade to their menu, this ‘Street Food’ tapas style selection was created. Myself and Tara went for mini quesadillas, mini tacos, halloumi bites, epinadas and a mini burrito…YUM. Also, the lighting on the tables is top notch and very aesthetic for instagrams.

10/10 Hannah x

Blacklight Run UK


(iPhone quality pictures guys, sorry!) About a month ago, myself and my friend Ben went to the Blacklight Run went it came to the Norwich Showground. As this was one of my Bucket List things to do, I was all over it- even if it was VERY cold.


The first throw!


Me and Ben in the crowd- very early in the night so this wasn’t the ‘messiest’ I got.


One of the best snaps I got!

I will admit, the actual ‘run’ part of this event was very disappointing as I didn’t really want to walk 3 miles in the dark, cold and rain…but the music event afterwards was AMAZING.