How do we get to Bled?

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How do we get to Bled?“, the question I found myself asking a ridiculous amount of times within our pathetic 8 minutes stop over in Jesenice; which is the most difficult train station to get around that I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting. The lady at the front office spoke hardly any English so I had to show her the Interrail app in order for her to help us – and her help was just pointing out of the front doors towards a bus? Now, we didn’t want a bus, we were looking for a train, but we spoke to some fellow English travellers who were as confused as us and we all gingerly got onto the bus. The journey should have taken 20 minutes…it took around an hour. We finally arrived in Bled and realised that we were atop a massive hill, with a gorgeous view admittedly, but we know that we’d have to trek down and up it again (with our giant backpacks on) to catch the bus back. We slowly descended the steep slope and sat beside the lake eating our baguettes and it started to rain…crap. We only had half an hour in Bled and most of it was spent enduring a thunderstorm! The walk back up to the bus station was hell, that’s the only way I can put it, rain pouring down on us, aching backs and legs, and being out of breath for alot of it without water. We got back on the bus after even more confusion and made our way back to Ljubljana.


What’s all this Interrail Business then?

Interrail, Travel

Well! I’m glad you asked! I’d first heard of Interrailing 2 years ago when my friend Luke set off around the continent for a month or so, I fell in love with seeing his Instagram posts where he’d be in a different place every few days – goals or what!? At the age of 17, I knew it was something that I’d want to do but I didn’t have the money to do so nor the confidence, or someone to come with me. My first year at University changed both of these points. I was lucky enough to have spare money leftover from my Student Finance after paying my rent which could fund the majority of my trip, and I gained a budding travel companion in my flatmate, Bex. From here, we were set, and a lot of planning followed!


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