Ciao Milano

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An early rise in Ljubljana saw us walking to the station to catch a bus to the Italian city of Trieste, it turned out to be the most beautiful bus ride I’d ever been on. We passed many national parks on our hour journey and passed the peak of Nanos which called for some gorgeous pictures. We arrived in Trieste by driving down coastal roads and through windy little streets, we then knew that we were in Italy amongst the hustle and bustle. The train station was right beside the sea which was stunning! We boarded our train headed for Milan ahead of schedule so we had time to make ourselves comfortable. It was then that I realised we were in a more modern country than we’d been used to – each row of seats had a table, the seats were incredibly comfy, and there were overhead monitors that showed where the train was on a map, the temperature and how long it was going to take till the next stop, amazing. For the first half an hour of the journey, we drove along coastal tracks so the view was beautiful. After a while, we began stopping in major Italian cities such as Venice, Verona and Brescia and I was getting cold-feet since I couldn’t get out and explore. Hours had passed and we arrived in gorgeous Milan where we headed to our hostel off the beaten track in the Lambrate district. We’d only orginally planned to have one night in Milan so we had to buy an extra night in this hostel (Mio Hostel – had a really nice stay).



What’s all this Interrail Business then?

Interrail, Travel

Well! I’m glad you asked! I’d first heard of Interrailing 2 years ago when my friend Luke set off around the continent for a month or so, I fell in love with seeing his Instagram posts where he’d be in a different place every few days – goals or what!? At the age of 17, I knew it was something that I’d want to do but I didn’t have the money to do so nor the confidence, or someone to come with me. My first year at University changed both of these points. I was lucky enough to have spare money leftover from my Student Finance after paying my rent which could fund the majority of my trip, and I gained a budding travel companion in my flatmate, Bex. From here, we were set, and a lot of planning followed!


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