Goleta Paradise ~ Morro Jable, Fuerteventura


Myself and my dad took a trip aboard the Goleta Paradise off of the coast of Morro Jable on southern Fuerteventura to do a spot of snorkelling, dolphin spotting and a spot of lunch. The seas were gorgeous and were accompanied by a glass of champagne or two, then we got further out to sea…where it got VERY rocky and the waves kept splashing up onto the deck so we all ended up soaked. We arrived at the lagoon and the crystal clear waters were back, it was snorkelling time. Jumping off of the boat into the freezing cold water amongst the fish was definitely breath-taking, literally. The tiny fish all swarmed around us and tickled our feet, I struggled to get my mask on and keep myself afloat at the same time so I didn’t end up actually snorkelling much! Lunch was gorgeous aboard the boat, smoked salmon and steak cooked to perfection, couldn’t be happier with the view from the boat onto the shore as we ate infront of jealous onlookers!


Offroading ~ Jandia, Fuerteventura


Next up, exploring Jandia National Park via ‘dune buggies’ (I’ll come to this later). We were first picked up from our hotel (SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort) in this old, rickety, metal ‘car’ where we were loosely strapped into what was really a metal cage on the back of an old land rover…dodgy yeah? We were then driven around the south of the island, whilst mum was doing well not to cry or throw up, until we arrived in the tourist land of Morro Jable. After escaping the car being thankful for our lives, we were told that we’d be given the tour inside a NEW land rover and the only way I can describe it is that it was a ‘real car’ (the green car seen below). Everyone else would be speeding around the mountains gripping on for dear life whilst we were securely strapped in with a sun roof and air-con, decent 🙂

Oasis Park ~ Costa Calma, Fuerteventura


Half an hours drive on the awfully surfaced and windy roads of Fuerte, we arrived at Oasis Park in the midst of sand dunes and rocky peaks. We’d been told that you could purchase bags of food for the Zebras, Camels and Giraffe’s for €1.50 each and feed the animals- so we took the opportunity with both hands and ventured round the park to get close encounters. We first visited the Parrot Show where Macaws flew over our heads and landed on a few lucky people to nibble off of their hats. The only place I can compare this to is Friguia Parc in Tunisia where I went 2 years ago, the location emphasises the naturalistic atmosphere of the park itself.

We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the Zebras, Camels, Giraffes and Elephants and fed them all! The rangers were at the Elephant enclosure as we walked past and they gave us carrots to feed them as they got sprayed with a jet-hose…this did mean that we all got soaked but the scorching weather soon sorted that out. We then got the free shuttle up the hill on the west of the park to see the Birds of Prey show, however, we didn’t know that this would ensue a steep trek through a cactus field…mum really enjoyed that bit. The view over the mountains and the sea was STUNNING and can’t be captured in photos. I emplore anyone who comes to Fuerteventura to visit Oasis Park and grab every opportunity it gives you with both hands!

I’m in Fuerteventura!



I’ve now been on the sunny island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Spain, for 2 days now and I’m overwhelmed by how instagrammable everything is (check out my instagram, it’s in the sidebar). I’m staying in the SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort in the Southern part of the Island where it’s infamous for its natural beauty and volcanic remains. During my time here, we’re venturing into the town of Jandia and Morro Jable, sailing the Atlantic whilst searching for Dolphins and Whales, riding 4x4s through the offroad tracks in the Volcanos, rummaging through African markets and going on a Safari where I’m going to feed Elephants and Giraffes!!

The internet signal here isn’t too sharp but my Instagram is where I’ll be updating most regularly!

Booking Fuerteventura!

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The ‘last family holiday’ is soon approaching with me leaving for University and my brother heading to College. Going to Turkey and Paris last year were supposedly the final family holidays but here we are again booking Fuerteventura.


I’ve been to mainland Spain before but this will be my first time visiting the Canary Islands and I am beyond excited since the weather will be perfect for laying back and doing nothing for a fortnight- especially after my month of exams! We’re staying at the SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort which has its own private beach (heavenly) and GORGEOUS view.


We’ve, I say ‘we’…I mean ‘I’ve’, been looking at things to do whilst we’re away since I get bored of sunbathing so easily when I know there’s so much that we could be doing and I don’t want to waste any time! I’ve seen that there is a submarine trip called a ‘Subcat‘ that takes you beneath the sea with the fish, rays and potentially sharks (and if you know me, you know my obsession with sharks)! So I’m DEFINITELY going to go on the persuasion route with mum and dad with that one. Also I’ve seen places that offer PADI training and scuba diving which I really want to do!

All in all, it should be incredible. If anyone’s been to Fuerteventura then make sure to leave me a comment and I’d be very appreciative of any suggestions you may have!

Childhood Travels


2006 (3)

Since I’ve been posting recently about my holiday to Tunisia, I thought it would be interesting to see my journey through the countries through my childhood. It all started when my family bought a tent and we took our first camping holiday to France in 2006 when I was 8. We went to Disneyland Paris where I was completely head over heels in love with the atmosphere. I can vividly remember the thrilling sensation of walking through the park and being completely overwhelmed with happiness and the sense of total freedom.


I’m not 100% sure on what happened in 2007 as there are no pictures of the holiday saved anywhere! But I am 100% sure that we went to France as we went every year until 2010. However, at the age of 10 in 2008 I went to France again and we went to a park called Futurascope where there were a lot of simulators and everything was themed futuristically. I can’t remember much of this holiday but I was clearly a fan of co-ords!

2010 (3)

In 2009, aged 11 and also the year I started high school, we ventured out to France once again. Once again I can’t fully remember much about this holiday but we did go to Parc Asterix in Paris where it was very busy! I remember that we spent a whole day in and around this river which was running past a Chateaux (can’t remember what town though!). We weren’t allowed to drive down to this part of the river so we had to trek down the slopes in flip flops!


2011 saw our first holiday out of France! We toured into Holland and Belgium for 2 weeks. In the picture above, you can see me, my brother and mum in Amsterdam which was flocked with hundreds of bikes. We didn’t spend too long in Amsterdam, which made me quite sad, as we quickly ran into the Red Light District where it got very dangerous for us so we had to flee!


The second week of the holiday was spent in Belgium where we had a massive lake on-site which was heavenly. Again, we ventured into Brussels yet the same thing happened and we found the Red Light District very quickly and our Sat-Nav broke! It took us 3 hours to escape central Brussels and find a McDonalds! I hardly saw any of Holland and Belgium and would love to go back.


2012 saw my first travel away from my parents. I went on a trip to Spain with my school (I am centre in the shorts) where we stayed in Santillana Del Mar for a week. We visited Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum (where the picture above was taken), climbed the Picos de Europa Mountains and the Dune de Pyla in France on the journey down. It was truly the best week of my life and I wish I could relive it all again -sobs-. I made so many amazing friends on the trip and had such a great experience travelling alone.


As a family in 2012, we of course found our way back to France! I haven’t mentioned this, but most years we go on holiday with 2 other families (as pictured) as the caravan crew -snores-. Nearly every year that we go to France, we visit Mont St Michel which is a large monastery built ontop of a town settlement above sea level. It’s become a tradition if we ever visit this region of France! I think this was the fifth time we’ve visited and we’ve become regulars!


I’ll give you two guesses on where we went in 2013…France?…You guessed it! Aged 15 we sailed the channel again and stayed in the town of Granville for a week and Paris for the other. Whilst in Granville, I dragged mum and dad to Maison Dior which is the beautiful house pictured above. It is the house where Christian Dior (the fashion designer) grew up and began to design pieces. Inside, it is a museum where hundreds of his works are showcased in glass cases where members of the public are free to walk among its treasures. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but trust me, it was all beautiful!


2013 also saw our giddy return to Disneyland to rekindle our love from 2006. Mum and dad thought this would be my last holiday with the family- well weren’t they wrong! No matter how old you are, you’ll always act like a child in Disneyland, it’s inevitable!


So now we find ourselves here in 2014 on my last holiday to Tunisia where we finally broke out of the caravan and flew abroad. I actually have a post about my travels in Tunisia here so if you want to find out more I’ll let you wander on over there!

For a 16 year old, I actually think I’ve been quite lucky to see as many beautiful places as I have done. As the app ‘been’ has told me, I have visited 3% of the world therefore I have another 97% to go out and discover!