Childhood Travels


2006 (3)

Since I’ve been posting recently about my holiday to Tunisia, I thought it would be interesting to see my journey through the countries through my childhood. It all started when my family bought a tent and we took our first camping holiday to France in 2006 when I was 8. We went to Disneyland Paris where I was completely head over heels in love with the atmosphere. I can vividly remember the thrilling sensation of walking through the park and being completely overwhelmed with happiness and the sense of total freedom.


I’m not 100% sure on what happened in 2007 as there are no pictures of the holiday saved anywhere! But I am 100% sure that we went to France as we went every year until 2010. However, at the age of 10 in 2008 I went to France again and we went to a park called Futurascope where there were a lot of simulators and everything was themed futuristically. I can’t remember much of this holiday but I was clearly a fan of co-ords!

2010 (3)

In 2009, aged 11 and also the year I started high school, we ventured out to France once again. Once again I can’t fully remember much about this holiday but we did go to Parc Asterix in Paris where it was very busy! I remember that we spent a whole day in and around this river which was running past a Chateaux (can’t remember what town though!). We weren’t allowed to drive down to this part of the river so we had to trek down the slopes in flip flops!


2011 saw our first holiday out of France! We toured into Holland and Belgium for 2 weeks. In the picture above, you can see me, my brother and mum in Amsterdam which was flocked with hundreds of bikes. We didn’t spend too long in Amsterdam, which made me quite sad, as we quickly ran into the Red Light District where it got very dangerous for us so we had to flee!


The second week of the holiday was spent in Belgium where we had a massive lake on-site which was heavenly. Again, we ventured into Brussels yet the same thing happened and we found the Red Light District very quickly and our Sat-Nav broke! It took us 3 hours to escape central Brussels and find a McDonalds! I hardly saw any of Holland and Belgium and would love to go back.


2012 saw my first travel away from my parents. I went on a trip to Spain with my school (I am centre in the shorts) where we stayed in Santillana Del Mar for a week. We visited Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum (where the picture above was taken), climbed the Picos de Europa Mountains and the Dune de Pyla in France on the journey down. It was truly the best week of my life and I wish I could relive it all again -sobs-. I made so many amazing friends on the trip and had such a great experience travelling alone.


As a family in 2012, we of course found our way back to France! I haven’t mentioned this, but most years we go on holiday with 2 other families (as pictured) as the caravan crew -snores-. Nearly every year that we go to France, we visit Mont St Michel which is a large monastery built ontop of a town settlement above sea level. It’s become a tradition if we ever visit this region of France! I think this was the fifth time we’ve visited and we’ve become regulars!


I’ll give you two guesses on where we went in 2013…France?…You guessed it! Aged 15 we sailed the channel again and stayed in the town of Granville for a week and Paris for the other. Whilst in Granville, I dragged mum and dad to Maison Dior which is the beautiful house pictured above. It is the house where Christian Dior (the fashion designer) grew up and began to design pieces. Inside, it is a museum where hundreds of his works are showcased in glass cases where members of the public are free to walk among its treasures. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but trust me, it was all beautiful!


2013 also saw our giddy return to Disneyland to rekindle our love from 2006. Mum and dad thought this would be my last holiday with the family- well weren’t they wrong! No matter how old you are, you’ll always act like a child in Disneyland, it’s inevitable!


So now we find ourselves here in 2014 on my last holiday to Tunisia where we finally broke out of the caravan and flew abroad. I actually have a post about my travels in Tunisia here so if you want to find out more I’ll let you wander on over there!

For a 16 year old, I actually think I’ve been quite lucky to see as many beautiful places as I have done. As the app ‘been’ has told me, I have visited 3% of the world therefore I have another 97% to go out and discover!


African Adventures ~ Tunisia



This summer, I went to Tunisia with my family and had the most incredible culture shock I’d ever had in my life! In the past, I’d never ventured out of Europe as my family owns a touring caravan so we couldn’t go very far. This year we decided to ditch the caravan and discover a new country on our own, Tunisia. As this was my first experience on a plane, I was pretty nervous but I was actually an okay flyer! However, I did get Salmonella food poisoning from some dodgy chicken on the first night in the hotel so I was bed-ridden for a week. When I managed to escape the hotel, we visited Friguia Park (pictured above) where I fed a giraffe from my mouth, rode camels and had a 5 course meal complete with African tribes dancing/singing.


Later in the week, we went on a Catamaran off of ┬áPort El Kantaoui where we saw dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea. After this, we went into the town at night which was truly terrifying for a Brit! It’s completely different out there because of the relaxed health and safety laws! I have to admit, I was so scared and wanted to get back onto the coach as soon as possible!


Tunisia is a beautiful place but is completely culturally different from what I am used to here in England. It was a perfect taste of African culture (minus the Salmonella poisoning) and would recommend to anyone going to Sousse to visit Friguia Park as it was the highlight of the trip!

I’m going to Tunisia!


This summer, for the first time, I am going on a plane and actually staying in a hotel! For the past 8 years, I have been to France in the caravan and it has got too tedious. After years of persuasion, I have managed to sway my dad into going on a ‘proper holiday’, as I like to call it. In the image above, you can see the hotel we are staying in- it is called Sentido Rosa Beach and it’s in a beach-side city of Tunisia called Skanes, Sousse. For all you people, like my brother, who don’t know where Tunisia is, it’s on the north coast of Africa bordering Algeria and Libya. You can see below, the town we are staying in.

On first glance, the city looks quite run down but I think that’s due to the sandy colours of the buildings, not sure! I have a massive dream to go parasailng so that’s definitely on the list! I will be leaving on the 1st of August (which is in less than 100 days now!) after I have my prom and leave school. ┬áJust after I come back, I will be getting my GCSE results then doing a skydive! Terrifying, I know! But I am seriously so excited to finally get on a plane and get out of the continent for a change! Oh and to also have some hot weather and burn my pale british skin!

Have any of you been to Tunisia before?

Hannah x